ProLytic LLC

Financial Services for the Small Business

Tax Planning and Tax Return Filing

I provide compliance-driven, value-added, quality tax planning and tax return filing services to small businesses.  All services are customized to each client and value-priced:  based on results, not my time spent.

I am IRS Annual Filing Season Program Compliant, 2018.

I Participate in 120 Hrs of Continuing Ed Per Year in Accounting, Bookkeeping, Tax Planning & Preparation, Human Resource Management, Supply Chain, and Business Management.

Here are the specific tax planning and tax return filing services that I provide:

Tax Planning Services

Analyze Current Financial Situation

  • Track Timing of Income and Other               Short-term Inflows, Fixed Asset Review
  • Trend Investments
  • Review Retirement Accounts
  • Review Insurance Coverages
  • Track Specific Purchases, Short-term         and Long-term Debt

Develop Strategic Financial Plan

  • Maximize Asset Potential and                     Protection
  • Maximize Cost Containment
  • Maximize Federal and State Tax                 Savings

Continue to Monitor and Adjust Plan Periodically

E-Filed Tax Return Services

Payroll Tax Returns

Form 940: Annual Federal Unemployment                   Tax (FUTA) Reconciliation

Form 941: Quarterly Federal Social                             Security, Medicare (FICA), and                   Withholding Tax

Form UCT-101-E: Quarterly Wisconsin                            Unemployment Tax (SUTA)

Form WT-6: Wisconsin Withholding Tax

Form WT-7: Wisconsin Withholding Tax                          Annual Reconciliation

Wisconsin Sales Tax Returns

Information Returns

Forms 1096, 1098, 1099

Forms W-2, W-3

Income Tax Returns

All Farm, Corporate, Partnership, Business, and Individual Returns

Form 720, 990

Form 1040, 1040NR, 1041, 1065, All Schedules

Form 1120, 1120POL, 2290, 8849

Form 1, All Schedules

Schedule H:  Homestead Tax Credit

I am also a bonded Notary Public in the State of Wisconsin

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