ProLytic LLC

Financial Services for the Small Business

Who I Am

At ProLytic LLC, I am focused on providing effective business development and efficient management services with the highest level of customer satisfaction.  I work diligently to exceed your expectations on each project you entrust to me.

In March 2007, I founded ProLytic LLC on five guiding principles, here as follows:

Through advanced business knowledge, mature experience, quality services, and effective communication, I will maximize your company's profits and grow its market share within your respective industries.   Through a highly ranked, global education at the University of Wisconsin - Whitewater, I developed the tools to create and expand competitive advantage in the marketplace.  I also have many connections in the business world that enable me to assess and keep pace with market fluctuations.

I value the trusting relationships and collaboration with my clients.  I start by understanding each client through its organizational history and structure, completing a brief stakeholder assessment and process inventory to ensure best practices are utilized.  I then identify stakeholder motivations in order to increase quality and productivity while reducing operational costs.  Due to my integrity and ethical core, I present all of the information that I gather and, together, we implement the solutions that the client believes will help their company succeed.  The decisions we make are backed by data and continuously measured.