ProLytic LLC

Financial Services for the Small Business

Tax Planning and Tax Return Filing

I provide compliance-driven, value-added, quality tax planning and tax return filing services to small businesses.  All services are customized to each client and value-priced:  based on results, not my time spent.

Here are the specific tax planning and tax return filing services that I provide:

Tax Planning Services

Analyze Current Financial Situation

  • Track Timing of Income and Other               Short-term Inflows, Fixed Asset Review
  • Trend Investments
  • Review Retirement Accounts
  • Review Insurance Coverages
  • Track Specific Purchases, Short-term         and Long-term Debt

Develop Strategic Financial Plan

  • Maximize Asset Potential and                     Protection
  • Maximize Cost Containment
  • Maximize Federal and State Tax                 Savings

Continue to Monitor and Adjust Plan Periodically

E-Filed Tax Return Services

Payroll Tax Returns

Form 940: Annual Federal Unemployment                   Tax (FUTA) Reconciliation

Form 941: Quarterly Federal Social                             Security, Medicare (FICA), and                   Withholding Tax

Form UCT-101-E: Quarterly Wisconsin                            Unemployment Tax (SUTA)

Form WT-6: Wisconsin Withholding Tax

Form WT-7: Wisconsin Withholding Tax                          Annual Reconciliation

Wisconsin Sales Tax Returns

Information Returns

Forms 1096, 1098, 1099

Forms W-2, W-3

Income Tax Returns

Forms 1040

Forms 1

Schedule H: Wisconsin Homestead Tax                           Credit

I am also a bonded Notary Public in the State of Wisconsin

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